iTunes Agent

iTunes Agent Version Free

Use your iTunes software to synchronize other non-Apple players and devices

A whole lot of people love and use iTunes. However, as great as iTunes may be for playing and organizing music, it has one notable shortcoming. As iTunes supports only iPods it remains useless to large audiences who don't have an iPod but another type of device.
iTunes Agent offers a great and easy way to synchronize your non-Apple devices with your iTunes Library. However, that's pretty much all it does. It's a very small application that searches for devices you connect to your PC. Upon recognizing a connected device it enables you to manage its contents via a playlist in iTunes thus enabling you to synchronize your iTunes tracks with your non-Apple device.
Once you've finished modifying the list of music files for your player, regardless of the device you use, you can synchronize it with only two mouse-clicks!
Being compact and easy to use, this is a great tool that offers a solution for a common problem. However, as stated before, it's quite limited in the options and features it offers.
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